About us

Who Are We?

Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes is the founder member and Managing director of Victorina Press, which is a small, independent publisher based in the West Midlands. This is very important, as there are many publishing companies in London, but far fewer in the rest of the UK. She is a Chilean-British writer and academic.  Victorina Press is, therefore, rooted strongly in Chilean and British cultures.

The name Victorina Press was chosen in honour of Consuelo’s mother who passed her love for reading and literature on to all her children.

Our mission is to publish inspirational and great books. To do this we follow principles of bibliodiversity, a concept developed by a group of Chilean independent publishers — Editores independientes de Chile —in the late 1990s and now part of the ethos of many worldwide independent publishers. Diversity is beautiful.

Our vision, therefore, is to become the number one publisher for multicultural authors who might not have the opportunity to publish with big corporations otherwise. Victorina Press wants to become a respected publisher that values diversity, nurtures talent, and rewards success. To do this we aim to foster individual initiative, mutual respect, personal dignity, and an open, participative environment. It is not only about profit, although it does help if people buy our books!



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The Office Dogs. Dora, Bella and I Nam

Food Waste and Stress Management