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We are excited to start this new page within our blog which will be for essays, papers, articles in Spanish or in English by different people, mostly academic but not always. These will be peer reviewed and Victorina Press will not enter into debate with readers as the articles do not necessarily represent our ideas or views. If you want to query the articles you have to write to the author of the papers in question.

The first one is an essay by Dr Marta Zabaleta and it deals with issues to do with memory and women’s voices as a resistance to being silenced. Torture, crimes against humanity, violence against women, and hope are some of the topics present in this essay. Read the article, share it with Marta’s permission, of course, or comment. ‘My children are my future’, she says and that is why she has included these photographs together with her essay. To read the paper click on Voces para Victorina here or below.


. Marta Zabaleta en su casa a los 80 años


Tomás Alejo Hinrichsen Zabaleta (en Glasgow)


Yanina Andrea Hinrichsen Zabaleta (en Buenos Aires)



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