It’s Never Too Late – Wendy Beasley

Although I have written throughout my life, starting as a small child with stories about dogs and ponies, I left fiction behind as an adult and concentrated on writing instructional books and journalistic columns. Then, when I retired, I rediscovered fiction and entered a world of fantasy and suspense which fills my every waking moment. […]

A Writer Reading – Wendy Beasley

The first book I remember reading Among my earliest memories were the regular visits to the library at the bottom of our street in Brighton. My mum would take me when my older brother and sister were at school, and together we would select a book for her and one for me. Of course I […]

Interview with M. Valentine Williams

Losing It is your second title to be published by Victorina Press – however they are two very different books. The Marsh People is dystopian fiction “pitting outsiders against inhuman tyrants”, whereas Losing It is a novel set in a high security hospital; a harrowing story of redemption and compassion in a dangerous and uncaring […]

My Beautiful Obsession: researching and writing My Beautiful Imperial

At around 4am, on April 11th 2011, unable to sleep, tossing and turning in bed, I got up, put the kettle on and grabbed an old school exercise book and a pen. On the top of the first page, I wrote the date, then the title, ‘Imperial’, then started writing down what had been slowly […]

A Writer Reading – Morgan Davies

The first book I remember reading Noddy and the Magic Boots. I had no interest in Noddy as a small child until he left behind the safety of Toyland and entered Be Careful Wood. This was a place of darkness and danger, one which helped me to understand that the world contains not only love […]

Growing up in Gaza by Ahmed Masoud

I grew up in Gaza in a crowded house, with ten people including my parents, at the heart of the Jabalia Camp. We barely had space for ourselves let alone good living conditions. My two-bed home which I shared with my eight siblings and parents was just a few bricks covered in asbestos sheets. It […]