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Adam Feinstein

Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

Adam Feinstein is an acclaimed British author, poet, translator, Hispanist, journalist and autism researcher. His biography of Nobel Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life, was first published by Bloomsbury in 2004 and updated in 2013. Harold Pinter called it ‘a masterpiece’. In the same year, Feinstein launched Cantalao, a biannual magazine dedicated to Neruda’s life and work. His book of translations from Neruda’s Canto General, with colour illustrations by Brazilian artist, Ana Maria Pacheco, was published by Pratt Contemporary in 2013.

Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes  is a teacher of EFL, a poet and writer of short stories. She holds an MA in Sociology and Women’s Studies, an MA in Publishing and a PhD in Women’s Studies. She thinks that the publishing world, artificially, divides books into fiction and non-fiction. But for her, all literary genres use strategies to express truths and realities of human, animal and environmental nature and that is the path she wants to follow in her new adventure with Victorina Press .

Mabel Encinas-Sanchez

M. Valentine Williams

Mabel Encinas-Sanchez is a Mexican poet and writer members of groups Women Writers on Memory and Spanish and Latin American Poets and Writers.

She has worked with children, parents and teachers most of her life. She teaches at a university in the UK and her current research involves a board game that she created.

She loves swimming in the sea

Nasrin Parvaz

Nasrin Parvaz became a civil rights activist when the Islamic regime took power in Iran. She was arrested, tortured and sentenced to death in 1982. Her sentence was commuted to ten years imprisonment and she was actually released after eight years, in 1990. After her release, Nasrin resumed her activities and once again she found herself being followed by Islamic guards. She realised she could no longer stay in Iran and she fled here to England, where she claimed asylum in 1993. She was granted refugee status a year later, and has since lived in London.

M. Valentine Williams says she has had various alternative careers as bank clerk, housemother, market trader, foster parent, teacher and mental health worker, in various locations and failed at several of them. Eventually she obtained an MA in Creative Writing and was then commissioned to write two self-help books for Sheldon. She has also published five novels, short stories and poetry. She lives with her husband and youngest son in an inconvenient cottage in Shropshire with a well under the floor and tries to stop the garden from getting into the house. Attracted to the odd and unusual, and often asking the question: ‘What if?’

Rhiannon Lewis

Rhiannon Lewis was born in Cardigan, West Wales, and she comes from a long line of farmers and sailors. Her family was interested in history, and she grew up in an atmosphere of hand-me-down stories. One of those stories included her grandfather’s memories of Captain David Davies and the Chilean civil war. Educated at the Universities of Wales at Aberystwyth and Cardiff, Rhiannon worked as a teacher and lecturer before going on to work in public relations, marketing and communications.  Whilst researching Captain David Davies’ background, Rhiannon discovered an amazing story that was crying out to be told.

Songo, For Children & Practitioners

Meet Songo. Songo loves to sing and dance and is here to share words and music with you. Twenty wonderful songs in this beautifully designed book and CD taking your child on a magical journey to discover their voice and the power of words and communication through music.

Steve Jenkins

Vicki Goldie

Steven P Jenkins was born in an inner city, grew up on a deprived housing estate but paradoxically attended an Independent School, where he was encouraged to write. The headmaster of Hydesville Tower School, Col. William Flood, a unique and eccentric retired soldier, mercenary and academic, encouraged Steven to join the British Army but to also use his brains. After leaving the Army, Steven became a Paramedic, going on to lecture at University and is currently a Practitioner in the NHS. He lives in Shropshire which he describes as his adoptive county.

Vicki Goldie worked as a Chartered Librarian for the Royal National Institute of Blind People and then for the past 19 years in public libraries in Bournemouth and Poole. There she enjoyed arranging and attending writing courses and author events, including such luminaries as Fay Weldon and Peter James.

All the while she was writing away in her spare time. She is intensely grateful to “Village Writers” based in the New Forest who let her join them four years ago and have nurtured and critiqued her debut novel Blind Witness on its way to publication.