Bethany Rivers

Bethany Rivers’ debut pamphlet, Off the wall, was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing.  Her second poetry collection ‘the sea refuses no river’ is published by Fly on the Wall Press. Her biggest passions in life are writing and enabling others to write.  


Bethany Rivers’ novel ‘The Virgin & The Whore’ was published by Vanguard Press. She has been widely published in poetry magazines, anthologies and online in the UK and USA, including: Fly on the Wall Press, 

Envoi, Cinnamon Press, Bare Fiction,  Fair Acre Press, Verve Poetry Press, Yorkshire Valley Press, Silver Birch Press, The Lampeter Review, The Lake, Blithe Spirit, High Window Literary Journal, Laldy Scottish Literary Journal, Writers’ Cafe, Riggwelter, I am not a silent poet, Picaroon Poetry, Three Drops from a Cauldron, The Ofi Press.  


She has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Cardiff University and has taught creative writing for over 13 years.  She also mentors writers individually, through the writing of their novels, short stories, children’s fiction, memoirs, and poetry:


Bethany Rivers is also editor of the online poetry magazine, As Above So Below, which publishes poetry on the theme of spirituality and transcendence.

Literary Works

FOUNTAIN OF CREATIVITY: Ways to nourish your writing


This fun and insightful book looks at some of the deeper questions about the process of writing, to dip into whenever you need it.  The focus is not what you achieve in your writing, (poem/novel/story and/or publication), but on how you stay faithful to the journey of writing: how to enjoy the peaks; weather the storms; gain awareness of the relationship between yourself and your writing; how to overcome blocks; and how to positively engage with your inner-critic.


Light in tone, like an encouraging friend, Fountain of Creativity offers 32 golden rules to see you through what can be a complicated and emotional maze of the process of writing.  You are expertly guided by a writer with over 13 years experience of teaching creative writing whose biggest passion in life, (other than writing, of course), is to pass on her writing wisdom to others.