6th November 2018

Hi all! Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! It’s starting to get colder in the office these days in the run-up to the winter/Christmas months! How is everyone’s Christmas shopping coming along?

As usual busy here at the office, completing some final steps to get I am Adila from Gaza and One Woman’s Struggle in Iran. A Prison Memoir ready for print! Songo both the children and practitioners books have been printed and delivered! We are very excited to be launching them at the Lyric Hammersmith in London on Sunday the 11th of November as part of Musiko Musikas concert during the Chilean and Latin American Voces in Britain Festival. Should be lots of fun with colour and music! Hope you can come and join us, check poster below for details!

Hopefully, soon I will be able to tell you more about the upcoming publications we have planned for next year! As well as the winners of the 2018 Victorina Press’ Voce’s poetry competition! The winners and runners-up will be announced on Saturday the 10th at the Chilean and Latin American Voces in Britain Festival after the viewing of The Pearl Button again, see poster below for more details. Don’t forget to book your tickets!

19th October 2018

Well, we all got the flu in different degrees. So it is time to relax, go to bed with some lempsip and a good book to read. I am reading Redención, a manuscript in Spanish by Paloma Zozaya and this week coming I will be editing and proofreading it. We have finalised some contracts and Mi Querido Imperial, the translation to Spanish of My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis, is being typeset and proofread as I write this. The judges for the 2018 Poetry competition are busy reading the poems submitted. A week on Saturday (27th of October) we are doing the Pre-Festival of Voces (Voices) poetry Symposium. We are very busy!

Keep warm and goodbye for now.


Pre-Festival Poetry Symposium (1)

16th October 2018

We have both arrived safely back in England now. What an exciting interesting week we had! Met loads of people. Made some friends and some good business connections. Had a few book pitches, which we are mulling over, but very excited!

It was a massive learning experience and a book lovers heaven. We are already planning our trip to the London Book Fair in 2019! Now we have a bit more of an idea what to expect we should be ready and prepared for London. And this time I won’t have to bring 19kg of books back on the plane! haha. 🙂

The time for poems to be entered into our poetry award has ended. Thank you to everyone who took part, the poems will now be passed onto our judges before the award ceremony on the 10th of November to announce the winner.

For information on how to attend the award ceremony check out the poetry contest page on our website.

5th October 2018

So if you don’t already know, we had a bit of a malfunction with our website the other day and lost a lot of updates. I will try and fill in as many missing details as I can here but I am sorry if I miss anything!

News this month. – We’ve had a new member of the team join! It’s only a trial for a few months to see if everyone is happy with the arrangement but I think it’s all going to work out fine and that he’ll make a great addition to our team! Yay!

Secondly, we have lots more publications in the pipelines, at least 6 definite ones. They will be published in 2019. I will add details of authors, and what type of publications they will be but it is all very exciting!

Vicki Goldie is a delegate for the 2019 CrimeFest, which is also very exciting. She is on a waiting list for a panel talk. Fingers crossed she will get that opportunity.

M. Valentine Williams is attending talks at Blackburn Library, a chance to meet the author and ask about the book, get your copy signed. And if you don’t have a copy, don’t fret! M. is taking some copies with her for you to buy at the event!

Now last but not least, we are off to Frankfurt next Tuesday! Eep! Scary exciting times! Hopefully, we will see some of you there. It’s going to be lots of fun, meeting lots of new people. Lots of chances to network and spread our company’s name!

12th September 2018

Check out this interview below with Vicki Goldie, Author of Blind Witness. Have a peek at what she has to say about writing her debut novel and how she finds the best ways to write…

Click here to buy your copy of Blind Witness now from our online store.

10th September 2018

Have a look at this review of The Secret Letters from X to A  in The Morning Star. A wonderful novel based on the authors own experience. 

13th August 2018

We are glad and very excited to announce the opening of our International Voces Poetry Award Victorina Press 2018

Click on the links below for the rules in English or in Spanish. Start writing your poem(s) and good luck! The extended deadline for your entries is 15th of October 2018 and the winners will be announced in November.

Premio Voces de Poesía – Victorina Press – 2018 – ENGLISH (1)-final[8528] (3)

Premio Voces de Poesía – Victorina Press – 2018 – SPANISH (1)-Final[8529] (3)


7th August 2018

Hello there! Here’s a head up on what we have going on at the moment at VP.

Consuelo is getting ready to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018; click the link and find out all about this wonderful event. I’ll be staying here at the office holding down the fort while Consuelo is away!

We have a few more books to be published this year!

I am Adila from Gaza by Mabel Encinas-Sánchez. A children’s story about the life of a 5-year-old girl in a conflict zone. Beautifully illustrated by Fiona Zechmeister.



One Woman’s Struggle in Iran. A Prison Memoir by Nasrin Parvaz, author of The Secret Letters from X to A published in July this year and that you can order in our shop or from Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles.


Songo (for Children, Early years settings and Practitioners)  and Songo (for Children and Families)  An early years language learning publication with a music CD. One is for families to use together and one is designed for teachers in the class room. Devised by Rachel Pantin and Mauricio Venegas-Astorga (Musiko Musika). Illustrations again, by Fiona Zechmeister. She is such a talented illustrator!

31 July 2018

We are back from Iceland, what a wonderful break but glad to be back!

First we would like to take a moment to say that if you have brought My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis and loved the story. Then spare a moment to vote for Rhiannon in the Not The Booker Prize Award. My Beautiful Imperial is among the 140 nominated books for this prize. Her novel is such a beautifully written, well researched and entertaining story that she deserves to be in the final short list. Please VOTE

Visit the website link and follow the instructions found in the article.

Secondly, The hardback editions of The Secret Letters from X to A by Nasrin Parvaz, have finally arrived from the printers! Woo! So they are now officially on sale, no more pre-orders!

And Thirdly, we finally received our trade mark certificate from the Intellectual Property Office! Woo! Its all going on here once again at Victorina Press!

23rd July 2018

It is too hot! Sophie is already having a nice time in Iceland. I travel tomorrow at 5 a.m. It is only 12 degrees in Iceland. Bliss! I think.

I have posted all the books that came through yesterday and today. If you order books as from tomorrow, they might take a bit longer than usual to arrive. But not to worry, we are back on Monday 30.

On another note, Rhiannon‘s  My beautiful Imperial is finally in Waterstones Piccadilly, London! Go and ask for a copy so they stock more of her books.

18th July 2018

So this weekend we went to the Newark Book Festival, we took a few photos of our lovely stall, why not check out our gallery to have a look!

Consuelo also went down to the Owl bookshop in London on Tuesday for the official launch of The Secret Letters from X to A by Nasrin Parvaz. The last Launch of the summer! It went very well and we couldn’t be happier for Nasrin. Don’t forget to order you copy online! 


We will be taking a short break from launches while we prepare some of our new titles for publication and go on a little short holiday to Iceland! What fun will that be!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far!

Sale now on. £1 per copy of Unraveling Memories and Lejos De Casa.

2nd July 2018

We have two launches for Blind witness by Vicki Goldie!

Come join us and have the opportunity to meet the author and ask all those probing questions!

Blind Witness by Vicki Goldie Broadstone Library, Poole, Book launch

Blind Witness by Vicki Goldie Broadstone Library, Poole, Book launch

2nd July 2018

We have a launch prepared for Nasrin Parvaz‘s The Secret Letters from X to A check out the poster below and see if you can comethis amazing event!


The Secret Letters from X to A by Nasrin Parvaz book launch


19th June 2018

This month really has been busy for us at VP. With the publications of The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams and Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands by various authors, you may be surprised to hear that we have also published Blind Witness by Vicki Goldie, book one in the Charters’ Mysteries, all in one month!

We’ve also had two launches this month, and we are currently finalising the details for the next few launches to happen over the coming month. I should have a poster/flyer with details soon, make sure you book a place and come to see the launch of Blind Witness, it’s not something to be missed!

As I said before, it’s been very busy, but very rewarding here at Victorina Press and we hope that you are enjoying all our publications. Please let us know what you think, leave reviews on our page or in amazon, even in Facebook!

9th of June 2018

So the launch of Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands is done and now we will upload some of the videos recorded on the day. The first one is Valentina Montoya-Martínez singing a beautiful and telling song of survival in times of exile written by Isabel Parra, the prolific daughter of Violeta Parra.

Click on the link below to listen to Valentina singing ‘Mi voluntad más fuerte que el destierro’

7th June 2018

The launch was a great success! Everyone enjoyed the readings and the music, food went down very well! And to top it off plenty of books sold! (thankfully, this meant I didn’t have to bring them back on the train!) We should have lots of photos to put in our gallery, these should appear over the next week as and when I’ve had a chance to go through them.

If you missed the launch don’t panic, you can still order a copy of Violeta Walks On Foreign Lands from our shop!

4th of June 2018

Victorina Press appears in the news in Chilean main newspaper El Mercurio! The paper announces the launch of Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands and gives the names of the nine authors included in this bilingual anthology of short stories. Well done to all the authors and people who helped create this wonderful anthology: Marijo Alba, Patricia Díaz, Mabel Encinas, Isabel Ros-López (who also designed the book and its cover), Fermín Pavez, Carmen Malarée, Valentina Montoya, Sebastian Eterovic and Patricio Olivares. Many thanks to the poets Leo Boix and Isabel del Río for their commentaries on the three winning stories and to Maria Eugenia Bravo-Calderara for writing the introduction. The editors were the writer and journalist Odette Magnet and Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes.

You can read the full article here

4th June 2018

Well today is a busy day indeed at Victorina. Consuelo and Myself are preparing for our trip to London (a long train ride awaits us if anyone wanted to know!), books are packed. Pop up poster is ready for its first premier. Guest list is almost full, empanadas and alfajores (Chilean sweet pastries filled with caramel)  ordered and drinks ready to be drunk!

A year ago this month, Consuelo launched her first publication with Victorina Press (VP) at The Embassy Of Chile, Unravelling Memories, a bilingual anthology. This signalled the official beginning of VP. What a wonderful way to celebrate our first year, by launching our second bilingual publication once again at The Embassy of Chile. Thank you very much to Catalina Herrera Acuña (Cultural Attaché) and His Excellency Ambassador Rolando Drago for the use of their space and helping us to organise this event.

19th May 2018

Great news! The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams has finally been published. You can order copies from our shop here now. Really excited about this. If you want to attend the launch later in June take a peep at the invitation below.

10th May 2018

Our very own Rhiannon Lewis can be found on iPlayer doing an interview for her novel, My Beautiful Imperial, (This interview is in Welsh)

Why not pick up a copy of her novel from our shop, or find it on amazon!

Rhiannons interview stars at about 6 minutes in.

 8th May 2018

Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands book launch. 
If you would like to attend you must RSVP, a guest list will be checked on arrival at the door. If your name is not on the list, you might be refused entry to the event by the Embassy. Please RSVP

Sorry, the flyer says Tuesday 6th of June, but it is in fact TUESDAYY 5TH of JUNE! Apologies. We will correct this ASAP

8th May 2018

So just before the weekend, and over the weekend, we finalised two dates for two book launches! Yay!

The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams will be held in Market Drayton Library on the 14th Of June. 

Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands, a collection of short stories will be launched at The Embassy of Chile, on the 5th of June

Leaflets with more about the events will be added to the blog shortly. If you want to know more just email us. Find out how on our contact page.


3th May 2018

We are very very busy at Victorina Press this week. Lots of books getting ready for printing.

Lots of our up and coming novels are available for pre-order now in our store.

and Lejos De Casa is on sale for £1+P&P

So why not take a look and see if anything grabs your attention!

30th of April 2018

So the new stickers arrived for Rhiannon Lewis’s novel My Beautiful Imperial… looking very smart!

And we have now also signed Nasrin Parvaz for another book, this time it will be A Woman’s Struggle in Iran: A Prison Memoir which recounts the time (eight years) she spent as a political prisoner in Iran. This should be published around December time so keep an eye out for any more news regarding that!

Once again massive congratulations to Rhiannon Lewis for all her hard work and time she put into My Beautiful Imperial, it was obviously worth it!


27th April 2018

April has been a busy month for us, The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams, has finally been put together and we are now negotiating with the printers to get it ready! So very shortly we should have it on Sale, if not a pre-order system!

As if this wasn’t enough Rhiannon Lewis is being interviewed by BBC Radio Cymru, in Welsh of course, about her wonderful novel My Beautiful Imperial. It will be broadcast on the 16th of May, and again the following Sunday.

Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

17th of April 2018

What has been and what is to come….. We have been pretty busy over the last few months here at Victorina Press, Why not take a look at everything we have done and everything we have planned for the future so far. Enjoy!

*Bilingual Anthology of poetry by various authors and edited by Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes 

*My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis. This historical novel set in Wales, England and Chile has been recommended by the 2018 Walter Scott Prize Academy.

*The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams, a dystopian novel for young adults.

*Blind Witness, a murder mystery by Vicki Goldie. Book 1 in the Charters Mysteries Series

*Violeta Walks on Foreign lands, a bilingual anthology of short stories to mark the centenary of Violeta Parra’s birth

*The Secret Letters from X to A by Nasrin Parvaz (cover being designed as we speak) published in June to commemorate 30 years of the massacre of Iranian prisoners in the Joint Commitee Interrogation Centre (now the Ebrat Museum in Teheran)

*Mi Querido Imperial, translation in Spanish of My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis to be launched in Chile by the end of the year

* The Bomb on the Winnipeg a thriller by Adam Feinstein
* Ardent Witness, a novel by Danielle Maisano

12th of April 2018

We have a cover for the Blind Witness by Vicki Goldie! The artwork was done by Austrian talented designer Fiona Zechmeister. The copyediting is being done as we speak. After that it is the typesetting and interior layout. Then it is printers and you can order your copies.

10th of April 2018

There was a lovely review of Rhiannon’s My Beautiful Imperial at the Walter Scott Prize Academy today. This is what they had to say:

My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis (Academy Recommends)

“A mighty read this, I feel bereft now that I’ve finished it, always a sign of a writer who can fascinate and engross the reader over 500 pages or so. This novel has at its heart the Chilean civil war – who knew? Not me. It is also inspired by the life and exploits of the author’s great great uncle, a Welsh lad who ran away to sea and became the captain of a steamship carrying mail and cargo up and down the Chilean coast in the latter years of the 19th Century.

Forced to turn his ship over to the government side in the insurrection he then carried troops and ammunition, facing all the usual moral quandaries of loyalty and betrayal amongst his colleagues and shipmates as well as the horrors of engagement. Other strands of the story are deftly woven in to the complex tapestry of events and provide richness and increased understanding of the pressures involved. Parliamentary questions are asked about the danger to British commercial interests in Chilean minerals and an English journalist dispatched by The Times to report on the rebellion finds that the ‘facts’ required by his editor do not match up to the facts he finds on the ground in Valparaiso.

I found this a totally satisfying novel, full of history told with a light hand and with the spark of adventure, with credible characters and a sure touch with the setting of an important Chilean port in the late 1800s. A cracker!”

9th of April 2018

Victorina Press has had a very busy weekend, Consuelo held one of the annual retreats that the women literary group she belongs to, The Hispano-American Writers on Memory, have here at the farm/office.  Three days of sorority, laughter, cooking and eating together and, of course, writing and talking about future projects. Workshops about the Second Residence on Earth (Neruda), how to write about the good and the bad in a character, heroes and superheroes in Marvel comics, discussions on stages of production in book publishing and much, much more. It was lovely to share ideas and values and meet these women. I hope they had as much fun as we did!

In some other news, we would like to introduce you to our new team member, she will be joining Food Waste and Stress Management. Meet Bridie!

Shes an ex racing greyhound, who was rescued and has now been adopted here. Fitting in quite nicely!

6th of April 2018

  1. We can now tell you that we have signed a contract with Nasrin Parvaz to publish her moving novel The Secret Letters from X to A which will be out sometime at the end of June.

2. The draft cover for the bilingual anthology of short stories by several Hispano-American writers has been designed  by Isabel Ros-López. We just need to add the blurb on the back cover and it is ready to be sent to Nielsen. This is an anthology with the winners and runner-ups of our Victorina Press short story Competition 2017 to commemorate the centenary of Chilean artist, ceramist, ‘arpillerista’, poet and singer Violeta Parra. We loved it! Thanks, Isabel.


4th of April 2018

Its all been happening here at Victorina Press this last week!

Rhiannon Lewis is having an event in Nantwich at the Nantwich Book shop & Coffee Lounge, on the 11th of May!
This is set to be a great evening with some readings and opportunities to ask Rhiannon Lewis questions about her work and have your copies signed!

Blind Witness by Vicki Goldie is coming together with a book cover now being designed by  Fiona Zechmeister, who designed the cover of The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams. So, very soon we hope to share the design with you! Final manuscript editing will be done and then maybe we can reveal a little more about this mysterious novel and what it’s all about!

In other news The Marsh People is going through its production stages, all editing have been completed and now we are just putting the book together, typesetting and laying it out, all in one place. It will then soon be ready for printing! We have it currently set for publication in August but it may be sooner than that with dates for a July book launch in M. Valentines Williams town of Market Drayton, Shropshire..


As always we will try and keep you updated as much as possible, if you have any questions or anything you wish us to discuss on the blog get in touch and let us know!

26th of March 2018

Victorina Press is delighted, and very proud, to announce to our readers and supporters that our
publication, My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis, has been chosen for the Recommended List of
Historical Fiction, by the Walter Scott Prize Academy.

The Walter Scott Prize Academy includes people at the centre of literary life in the UK and
Commonwealth countries, including artistic directors of book festivals around the world, leading
book retailers and literary critics. This advisory group has recently begun to publish a list of
20 recommended titles – of which My Beautiful Imperial is one.

The book was published in December 2017 by our press and has been very well received by readers and
literary critics alike.

Rhiannon Lewis was born in Cardigan, West Wales, and she comes from a long line of farmers and
sailors. Her family was interested in history, and she grew up in an atmosphere of hand-me-down
stories. One of those stories included her grandfather’s memories of Captain David Davies and the
Chilean civil war in 1891. Rhiannon did extensive research into her great-great uncle’s life as a
sailor and her research prompted her to write My Beautiful Imperial. You can read more about the
novel and its background on Rhiannon’s webpage

You can order the book from Amazon and from Waterstones  as well as from our shop




12th of March 2018

We are delighted to announce that we will be signing a contract for a novel written by Iranian Nasri Parvaz. Watch this space for more on this.

12th of March 2018


Last week we held a competition in our Facebook page to commemorate International Women’s Day 2018. We asked people to Like our page, Comment on their favourite female author and share the post.

Our winner was Emma who lives in Nottingham; she will receive a copy of My Beautiful Imperial by Rhiannon Lewis, a copy of the bilingual (Spanish-English) poetry anthology Desentrañando Memorias/Unravelling Memories and several My Beautiful Imperial post cards. Several other lucky people, who also took part, will be receiving a discount voucher from us to use on our online shop.

I think for our first Facebook competition we did rather well!

7th of March 2018


Hey guys, looks like we have another contract with an American author, Danielle Maisano.  Her novel tells the adventure of a young woman who travels the world in search of something more than what her current life holds. Along the way she finds cultural differences that have a profound impact on her life, changing everything she once knew.

The Ardent Witness, By Danielle Maisano.

Coming soon to Victorina Press

27th of February 2018

 Some sad news from us here today at Victorina Press, about a month a go one of our beloved office dogs, Dora, sadly passed away. Sorry to only just accounce this now but it was a very sad time for us here at VP and only now feel that its easy enough for us to tell you… RIP Dora Dog.

23rd of February 2018

Hi again, excited to let you know that we have signed a contract for Blind Witness a murder mystery novel by Vicki Goldi a writer from Poole, Dorset. Welcome to Victorina Press, Vicki!

21st of February 2018

Sophie and Consuelo went down to London to a BookMachine event to talk about Production. Interesting bunch of people. Looking forward to more events to develop ourselves in the world of Publishing.

7th of February 2018

So we mentioned that we finally have a cover for The Marsh People by M. Valentine Williams, but we weren’t quite ready to show you…..


Have a look and let us know what you think, by either emailing us or leaving us a comment/message on our Facebook page.

5th February 2018

We are thrilled with the design of the cover for The Marsh People.  Now all we need is the edited text back from the editor and we are ready to rock and roll!

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