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JUST WRITE!  ‘Just write’. I have been just writing since I was six when I wrote a poem which my mother sent to my father

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Michel-Michelle Language

A note about language in Michel-Michelle. To address concerns expressed by a reader regarding certain terminology in the publication Michel-Michelle, we would like to clarify

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THE IMPORTANCE OF PLACE In the advance reviews for All Our Squandered Beauty, many readers and bloggers have commented that the book feels like a

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Vicki Goldie

Vicki Goldie, A Victorina Press Feature Article. When I was lucky enough to be published by Victorina Press, I had not heard of Bibliodiversity. I

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The #1 Tip for Writing Humorous Stories by Christopher Fielden

Humour is a genre that should bring a smile to a reader’s face, enhancing a strong story. It’s challenging and fun to write.

Many writers are drawn to using humour, but many fail to use it effectively. Maintaining the balance between the plot, characterisation and use of amusing witticisms within a story is difficult.

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