Growing up in Gaza, by Ahmed Masoud.

I grew up in Gaza in a crowded house, with ten people including my parents, at the heart of the Jabalia Camp. We barely had space for ourselves let alone good living conditions. My two-bed home which I shared with my eight siblings and parents was just a few bricks covered in asbestos sheets. It […]

Interview with Deborah E Wilson

I know you are interested in a wide range of historical literature, particularly Victorian Gothic. So it was probably a certainty that your first novel would be set in your favourite historical period too. Tell us something about the inspiration behind An Artist’s Muse and why you like reading and writing about that particular era? […]

A Writer Reading – Deborah E Wilson

The first book I remember reading One of the earliest books I remember reading as a bedtime story was about a fairy with a flower-petal hat, named Victoria Plum. In trying to find them online, I have just discovered that these books were written by Angela Rippon! The books which shaped my childhood My favourite […]

A Writer Reading – Steven Jenkins

The first book I remember reading     Grimms Fairy Tales – an old copy, printed in about 1959. I’ve still got it. Very scary, not softened for today’s market!  The books which shaped my childhood   Jock’s Island by Elizabeth Costsworth, Hurry Home Candy by Meindert DeJong, Greatheart by Joseph Chipperfield, Storm of Dancerwood […]

A Writer Reading – Caroline Moir

The first book I remember reading I was able to read before I went to my kindergarten in the Sudan. I don’t know what books we took with us as we moved from there to England to Argentina, but the first I remember, which I found in my grandparents’ homes, were old-fashioned. One was Babar […]


Interview with Judith Amanthis At the heart of Dirt Clean there is the brilliant and inventive story of a long-term quarrel between two sisters. Where did these characters and this story come from? From two places really, or even three. I’ll say straight away that my characters aren’t autobiographical. They’re a bit like that game […]