A Writer Reading – Erica Crompton

The first book I remember reading The first story I became hooked on was one called The Cockyolly Bird by Enid Blyton. I actually listened to it on audio format, read by Joanna Lumley. The story follows a bird, my memory is sketchy but I still remember vividly an image the cassette conjured up of […]

Word Has It… Monday 21st November 2022

  So here we go – episode one of my regular blog post for Victorina Press! I’ll be talking about all things writerly and readerly, and more besides. And we’re kicking off in the birthday week of the late great George Eliot, who was born on 22nd November 1819, and who understood that you don’t […]

Word Has It…

… that there’s a new blogger in residence at Victorina Press! Yes, you heard correctly, we have an exciting regular feature about to launch! Amanda Huggins, author of the two Saboteur Award-winning novellas All Our Squandered Beauty and Crossing the Lines, will be here every fortnight to share book news, reviews, gossip, writing tips and […]

It’s Never Too Late – Wendy Beasley

Although I have written throughout my life, starting as a small child with stories about dogs and ponies, I left fiction behind as an adult and concentrated on writing instructional books and journalistic columns. Then, when I retired, I rediscovered fiction and entered a world of fantasy and suspense which fills my every waking moment. […]

A Writer Reading – Wendy Beasley

The first book I remember reading Among my earliest memories were the regular visits to the library at the bottom of our street in Brighton. My mum would take me when my older brother and sister were at school, and together we would select a book for her and one for me. Of course I […]

Interview with M. Valentine Williams

Losing It is your second title to be published by Victorina Press – however they are two very different books. The Marsh People is dystopian fiction “pitting outsiders against inhuman tyrants”, whereas Losing It is a novel set in a high security hospital; a harrowing story of redemption and compassion in a dangerous and uncaring […]