Christopher Fielden

Chris was born in Bristol, UK, in the 1970s, which is too long ago for his liking.

He grew up in Portishead, a town in the South West of England, and has lived in the Bristol area for most of his life.

He has played drums in rock bands for over 30 years and has been fortunate enough to tour all over the world. During that time, he lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years and has worked with well-known producers, including Andy Sturmer and Richard Dashut.

The bands Chris currently plays in are:

  • AD/HD, a tribute to Bon Scott’s AC/DC
  • Airbus, a rock band he’s played with since he was 15 years old, who most famously recorded the ‘Sour Times (Airbus Reconstruction)’ with Portishead for their Sour Times EP from the album Dummy
  • Little Villains, a band that’s early recordings featured Motörhead’s Phil ‘Philty Animal’ Taylor – Chris still can’t quite believe he’s getting to step in for one of his heroes – RIP Philthy
  • Three Day Week, a glam band that pays tribute to the music of the 1970s
  • Ye Gods!, a parody rock band whose musical shenanigans have upset many music lovers with their blatant disregard for melodies, tuning, appropriate language and musical ability

Chris started writing fiction seriously in 2005. He self-published his first novel, Wicked Game, in 2010. To avoid a mental breakdown, he then started writing short stories as they’re a lot easier to finish.

In 2011 Chris launched his website. It contains 100s of free resources to help authors develop their short story writing and see their words in print. Due to his background in digital marketing (Chris was Operations Director of an award-winning digital agency from 2010 to 2016) he has been able to develop the site quickly and it now attracts over 300,000 visitors a year.

Chris has been published extensively in books by an independent press, established magazines and renowned websites. These include:

  • Books: Allenthology (Eibonvale Press), Dark Lane Anthology Volumes 4 to 7 (Dark Lane Books), Darker Times Anthology (Darker Times), Death of a Superhero (InkTears), Flash Fiction Festival One (Ad Hoc Fiction), How to Self-Publish a Book on CreateSpace & Amazon, How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money and Wicked Game – his work has also appeared in multiple flash fiction anthologies
  • Magazines: Boundless, Grindstone Literary, Katha Kshetre (Temple of Short Stories), Mature Times, Scribble, The Short Story Writer and Writers’ Forum
  • Websites: Field of Words, Kindlepreneur, Portishead Chamber of Commerce, Matthew Woodward, Moz, The Short Story, World City Stories, Writers’ Village and Writing Short Fiction

Due to his success with short story writing, Chris wrote a book called How To Write A Short Story, Get Published & Make Money. It uses 16 of his published stories as case studies, so writers can see how all the different tips and advice in the book were used in practice to achieve publishing success. The book has been an Amazon bestseller in the categories ‘Publishing and Books’ and ‘Writing Reference’.

Due to the popularity of the book, Chris recently developed and launched a comprehensive online short story writing course. The course uses a similar teaching style as his book, but the case studies are more in-depth, getting into the nitty-gritty of short story writing.

Chris’s favourite authors include Crystal Jeans, David Gemmell, Douglas Adams, John Holland, Philip K. Dick, Robert E. Howard, Stephen King, Sue Townsend, Terry Pratchett and Ursula K. Le Guin.

Due to his love of laughing, Chris started running a humorous short story competition in 2013 called To Hull And Back. It offers the greatest prize in the known macrocosm: your head on the front cover of a book, a trip to Hull on a Harley Davidson with the ‘winner’s’ copy of the book strapped to the handlebars, and £1,000 in hard cash. Every shortlisted writer is paid and published. The competition attracts entries from all over the world and grows each time it is run.

Chris is also an advocate of the short story performance scene. He has presented workshops and performed his stories at many events, including the Bath Fringe Festival, the Bristol Festival of Literature, Chip LitFest, Flash Fiction Festival, New College LitFest, Small Stories and Talking Tales. He’s also undertaken presentations for many schools, colleges and writing groups.

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Christopher Fielden is an award-winning and Amazon bestselling author. His work has featured in books published by independent press, established magazines and renowned competitions anthologies.

Books of the Bloodless: Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives is a collection of Chris’ short stories, many of which have won competitions. Chris’ work is known for being imaginative, filled with vivid characters and twists of fantasy. Death is the common theme, explored in a dry, humorous style.

These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller

Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner

Sharp, subversive and always surprising, Chris’s stories are like hiking without a GPS – you think you know where you’re going but you end up somewhere else

Dr Lynda Nash, creative writing tutor