Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes

Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes  is a teacher of EFL, a poet and writer of short stories. She holds an MA in Sociology and Women’s Studies, an MA in Publishing and a PhD in Women’s Studies. She thinks that the publishing world, artificially, divides books into fiction and non-fiction. But for her, all literary genres use strategies to express truths and realities of human, animal and environmental nature and that is the path she wants to follow in her new adventure with Victorina Press .

“I am an academic”, she comments, “but I like that public space of loitering where I can unleash my creativity. I have been part of several creative writing groups because I like to read, write and ‘memory’ in solidarity and accompanied, although I also give myself time to be alone with myself. This has resulted in several books of poetry and narrative”. Consuelo’s recent work in Spanish includes Arena en la Garganta (2010) and two books in the series Wonder-Makers:Navigators of the Thames (Bilingual Poetry, 2015 & Bilingual Narrative, 2016), written in collaboration with the Hispano-American Women Writers on Memory. She is also a member of SLAP and of Exiled Writers Ink

Her stories, poems and essays have appeared in various anthologies and journals in Chile, UK, Ireland, Poland and Australia. To see some of her recent work visit Bristolatino and Live Encounters.

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Literary  works

Desentranando Memorias ~ Unravelling Memories

A Bilingual anthology.

Without memory there is no history and our bodies float in a kind of existential limbo devoid of time and space. In this bilingual anthology written by Latin American poets living in the UK, body and memory appear intrinsically interwoven in a continuum of time, where memories exist in multiple spaces and homelands, particularly when one is an exile or a migrant.

As editor, I want this anthology to celebrate languages, memory in diversity and to show that as immigrants we contribute much to society.