Forthcoming releases

One Woman’s Struggle in Iran.

A Prison Memoir

By Nasrin Parvaz

My Spirit was never broken.

In 1979, Nasrin Parvaz returned from England, where she had been studying and became a member of a socialist party in Iran fighting for a non-Islamic State in which women could have the same rights as men. Three years later at the age of 23, she was betrayed by a comrade and arrested by the regime’s secret police.

Nasrin spent the next eight years in Iran’s prisons. She was systematically tortured, threatened with execution, starved and forced to live in appalling conditions. One Woman’s Struggle in Iran is both an account of what happened to her during those eight years, and evidence that her spirit was never broken. Nasrin’s memoir is a story of friendship and mutual support, of how women drew strength from one another and found endless small ways to show kindness and even find tiny specks of joy.

I am Adila from Gaza

by Mabel Encinas-Sánchez

Hello! I am Adila and I live in Gaza.
Where do you live?

Adila is a five-year old living in Gaza. Beautifully illustrated, the book carries a powerful message about the everyday life of a girl living in a war conflict zone.

The story helps to enhance social and emotional learning skills from an early age. Because the words and illustrations are not scary or judgmental, the book can be read as a bedtime story where young children can identify with Adila’s everyday activities and ask questions.

Older children can read the book on their own and talk about their feelings and opinions with peers, educators ad parents. In fat, adults can also enjoy a window into Adila’s life as her a innocence and hope for a better world, where children can be children, is wonderfully refreshing.


Songs composed by Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and Rachel Pantin

Meet Songo,

Songo loves to sing and dance and is here to share words and music with you. Twenty wonderful songs in this beautifully designed book and CD taking your child on a magical journey to discover their voice and the power of words and communication through music.

This book and CD are a unique resource for early years setting, practitioners and musicians specialising in early years to support the development of children’s speech and language skills through music. With 20 original songs, all highly accessible and engaging for children and adults alike, the book has clearly structured guidance on activities to develop communication and language, musical skills and other key learning areas. It links with the National Curriculum’s Early Learning Goals and other internationally recognised early years approaches and can be integrated easily int the daily routines of your setting or nursery.

Launch Date Sunday the 11th of November at the Chilean and Latin American Voices in Great Britain Festival. Follow the Link below for more info.