How to submit your manuscript

Due to the high number of manuscripts we have received this year, we are unable to take anymore and are closing submissions until next year.
If you still wish to be published with us please submit any manuscripts in the new year. January 2019. Thank you for your understanding and for your interest in being published with Victorina Press

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Do you want to have your work published? You do not need an agent. But not all work submitted will be accepted. We are not a ‘vanity’ publisher and we do not offer the services for you to self-publish, either. Our team will contact you to let you know the outcome of your submission.

Submit your manuscript for consideration in a single word document containing:

  • a covering letter with contact details and the name of the work being submitted
  • The manuscript should have been edited and proofread before submitting it. We recommend the services of Chris Fielding or the Society for Editors and Proof readers.
  • a synopsis of the work (about a page in length).
  • the potential readership and demographics for your work.
  • a statement of how you would help us with the marketing and promotion of your work.
  • the manuscript itself should be submitted in a word document formatted in Arial 12, with a 1.5 spacing and page numbers.
  • If it is poetry, the layout of the poems can be specified and sent both in Word and in a PDF document so your layout is respected.

For more information, contact Email: