M. Valentines Williams

M. Valentine Williams says she has had various alternative careers as bank clerk, housemother, market trader, foster parent, teacher and mental health worker, in various locations and failed at several of them. Eventually she obtained an MA in Creative Writing and was then commissioned to write two self-help books for Sheldon. She has also published five novels, short stories and poetry. She lives with her husband and youngest son in an inconvenient cottage in Shropshire with a well under the floor and tries to stop the garden from getting into the house. Attracted to the odd and unusual, and often asking the question: ‘What if?’

She likes to think her writing steps away from the everyday and becomes something different. Her fiction is published under her writing name  M. Valentine Williams and The Marsh People is her fifth novel. Mary‘s poetry has been  widely published and she has won several prizes.

Literary Works

In the battle between the authoritarian, all powerful state and its imprisoned slaves, whose lives are controlled by The Masters, there are a few winners. People have been rounded up from the villages by ferocious dogs, under the control of The Masters, and forced to live and work in decaying, inhumane cities.
Provided with basic food and shelter, they have little else, but like automatons, rarely do they rebel.
Scummo meets Kelpin. Her mother is dead.  The pair support one another as they travel through the marshy, giant eel-infested lands around the estuary, eventually meeting others who are living as outsiders. Life is uncomfortable and unpredictable, but they realise how precious freedom is; they have to learn about co-operation and compassion and must fight for their survival at times when rival groups try to take over.
All the while The Masters watch.

A dystopian novel pitting outsiders again inhuman tyrants and their servants.

Who will win?