Poetry Award ‘Voces’ (Voices) Victorina Press 2018

Victorina Press 
2018 poetry competition ‘Voces’ awards 

Thank you to everyone who took part, from sharing the news of the competition, sending in poems, helping during the award ceremony at the Lyric Hammersmith with the Chilean & Latin American Voices in Britain Festival 2018. And for generally taking part in this amazing journey to celebrate Chilean and Latin American voices. Specifically those voices of Nobel Literary Prize winners Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, and Nicanor Parra who was awarded the Cervantes Prize.
Who’s lives and work made the basis for our poetry competition

The winners are

1st – Valentine Montoya Martínez
La casa de Neruda – tercera patita en décimas

2nd – Sofía Vasmen Maturana
3rd – Sebastían Montes
M. Valentine Williams
A Poem came to my door

Carmen Sanchez Lamberti
Canto Natura
 María Tessa Torres Mara
Despertar De Ofelia

Valentine Montoya Martínez
La Casa de Neruda, Primera patita en décimas

Denisse Lazo Gonzalez
Nuestra once

María Tessa Torres Mara
Por estar vivos

Gail Aldwin

Denisse Vargos Boloños

Poetry Reading

Voces Youth Ensemble

Festival Concert

Songo Family Concert and Book Launch