Poetry Award ‘Voces’ (Voices) Victorina Press 2018

Victorina Press opens the international poetry award Voces’ (Voices) for writers of any nationality and/or country of residence. Click on the links below for the rules in Spanish and English.

Victorina Press abre su concurso internacional Voces para escritores de cualquier nacionalidad y/o país de residencia. Haga clic en los enlaces para acceder a las reglas en español e inglés.

Now the Deadline has closed for entries into the competition.
Its time to buy your tickets and get ready to attend the Festival this has all been for!

This competition was started as part of a larger event. Chilean & Latin American Voices in Great Britain Festival 2018. The festival takes part over the second weekend in November, the 9th, 10th & 11th. Located in Lyric Hammersmith.


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The Award Ceremony will take place on the 10th at the Lyric Cinema after the viewing of The Pearl Button make sure you buy your tickets to this wonderful event. Why not make a weekend of it, enjoy all there is to offer from the Chilean and Latin American Voices festival.


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See below for other events and activities that are happening during this Festival weekend.

Poetry Reading

Voces Youth Ensemble

Festival Concert

Songo Family Concert and Book Launch