An Artist’s Muse



An Artist’s Muse by Deborah E. Wilson. Available on Pre-Order. Publication Date TBA.

Nineteenth-century London. Clara Breslin is earning her keep in her brother’s apothecary. She isn’t interested in married life and spends her free time painting portraits of strangers who walk by her window. Her study is infuriatingly unexceptional – until she meets Matthias Tarasso, an actor.

Watching him perform, she finds herself captivated. Matthias becomes a dominant influence over her and his presence helps Clara create true masterpieces.

But an unseen evil is feeding on the tragedy that blights London’s streets and dwellings.

Clara suffers from horrific nightmares involving disease and fatality when customers of the apothecary grow ill from its remedies. After a suspicious death, Matthias becomes the main suspect. But who is really causing death, fatality and tragedy? Is it Matthias? Or Clara? Perhaps the truth behind the crime is far more insidious and cruel than anyone could have imagined…

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