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There’s no dirtier business than the cleaning industry. Jennifer and Coral have a lot in common. They’re both cleaners in a London accountant’s office, they share the same English mum, and they have a long-standing quarrel: is Coral to blame for the departure of Jennifer’s Nigerian dad when they were little? It’s now 2010 and when Jennifer is persuaded to help trade unionist and Ghanaian exile Kosi dish the dirt on UK-Ghana corruption, Coral starts an obsessive affair with him. Jennifer reacts badly. Rather more radical difficulties threaten the other cleaners, immigration removal for one. The cleaning pays everyone wages no-one can live on. Will Jennifer, Coral and Kosi clean up their acts?

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Chapter One

Judith Amanthis’s Blog

“It has been a pleasure reading this engaging portrait of London’s precariat. Dirt Clean is not only a hugely insightful novel that speaks to the many questions of our contemporary social faultlines but also a uniquely inventive and witty account of two sisters’ extended quarrel. I enjoyed it very much.” – BRIAN CHIKWAVA, AUTHOR OF HARARE NORTH

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