I am Adila from Gaza



Award-Winning Finalist in the Soft Cover Picture Book category of the 2019
International Book Awards

Hello! I am Adila and I live in Gaza. Where do you live?

Adila is a five-year-old living in Gaza. Beautifully illustrated, the book carries a powerful message about the everyday life of a girl living in a war conflict zone.

The story helps to enhance social and emotional learning skills from an early age. Because the words and illustrations are not scary or judgemental, the book can be read as a bedtime story where young children can identify with Adlia’s everyday activities and ask questions.

Older children can read the book on their own and talk about their feelings and opinions with peers, educators, and parents. In fact, adults can also enjoy a window into Adila’s life, as her innocence and hope for a better world, where children can be children, is wonderfully refreshing.


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  • Gail Aldwin -

    It is good to see a new publisher breaking ground in children’s literature. With the title I am Adila from Gaza, Victorina Press brings the story of a child’s life in Gaza to young readers. The picture book is written by Mabel Encinas-Sánchez and focuses on the everyday experiences of five-year-old Adila. We see her playing with friends and going to the market but rather than shying away from outbreaks of violence, Encinas-Sánchez uses the book to explain the legacy of the Nakba which saw 700,000 Palestinians flee from their homeland in 1948. Illustrated by Fiona Zechmeister, the pictures are full of symbolism including a key, a dove and an olive branch. These images allow the story to resonate further.

    In multicultural Britain, it is so important for children to see their own stories on the pages of books so that those experiences are acknowledged. Likewise, children from different backgrounds can enjoy the similarities of childhood in other countries and cultures. Adila’s family work hard to normalise her life, Granny cooks favourite foods and prepares Snouniyya for Adila’s baby brother. (The dish sounds as though it will taste good). There is even an appearance for the Tooth Fairy but in Gaza she leaves more than simply a coin. This is a delightful picture book to share with children from three-to-eight years.

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