Love in Times of Vengeance



Love in times of Vengeance
Claudia, an idealist and brave young South American woman, suddenly finds herself amid a bloody military coup during the early 1970s. She goes to hell and back, as her husband, mother, father and brother-in-law were brutally murdered in cold blood. She manages to escape from the claws of her torturer, but the Death Squads are close on her tail. Far away from home, in exile, she has just had one thing on her mind: to find Daniel, her torturer and the killer of her family. Year later, back in her native country, she tracks down her target and is ready for her revenge. She is left with two choices, hand him over the authorities, or take the law into her own hands. But in the process, love creeps in. Will she be able to take her revenge, or will love forge a new path for her?

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