Pan De Mo Nium
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All Peta ever wants to do is have fun. Nobody notices she’s up to mischief until an assistant in the department stores spots her. Does this put an end of Peta’s adventures?

Of course not!

Perfect for ages 2-7


All Peta ever wants to do is have fun. Nobody notices she’s up to mischief until an assistant in the department stores spots her. Does this put an end of Peta’s adventures?

Of course not!

Perfect for ages 2-7


Pan de mo nium is absolutely delightful! Peta the panda is stuffed full of fun and young ones will adore her.”
– Wendy White, Tir na n-Og Award Winner

“The beautiful illustrations are full of movement and excitement, and the joyous story will appeal to young children and their parents.”
Liz Poulain, children’s author and illustrator


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Weight100 g
Dimensions0.2 × 200 × 275 cm

The Author

Gail Aldwin

Gail writes fiction and poetry. Her coming-of-age novel The String Games was s a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2020.

The idea for Pan de mo nium came to Gail when she was teaching a module on writing for children to undergraduates at the University of South Wales.

Before repatriation due to Covid-19, Gail volunteered at Bidibidi in Uganda, the second-largest refugee settlement in the world.

You can find Gail on Twitter @gailaldwin and her blog https://gailaldwin.com.

Fiona Zechmeister

Fiona holds a degree in Visual Communication and a Masters in Publishing from The University of  Derby. She works as an illustrator creating book covers and children’s books. Victorina Press has published two children’s books which Fiona has illustrated, I am Adila from Gaza and Songo.

See more of Fiona work via her website https://www.fionazeich.net/

11 reviews for Pan De Mo Nium

  1. David Charles

    Book for young children with fabulous pictures that helps children to understand it’s okay to be different. Parents won’t mind reading this again and again.

  2. Deborah Cottom

    What a fun book! Peta is an endearing character that I loved.

  3. Shirley Chappell

    What a delightful little panda! I thought the book charming, with plenty of talking points for reader and child.

  4. Frances Colville

    This is the type of children’s book which parents and grandparents will love too – not just for the gorgeous illustrations but for the important message that it is okay to be different. And the mischievous Peta can’t fail to be a winner with children.

  5. Tilly Fitzgerald

    This is an absolutely beautiful picture book – and I love the important message it conveys that you shouldn’t change yourself to try to fit in! My daughter is only 14 months at the moment so mostly just looked at the gorgeous illustrations, but it manages to keep her attention for the full duration which says it all! This is such a lovely story that I’ll keep reading to her until she is too old for it.

  6. Allison Symes

    Pandemonium is a funny picture book from Gail Aldwin. The wonderful illustrations that bring Peta, our heroine, to life so vividly are by Fiona Zechmeister. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a lovely bear?

    This is a fantastic little story about inclusivity and you will laugh at loud at what Peta uses for a swing. A charming story which is sure to be a big hit.

  7. Pete Armstrong

    Fantastic book: sumptuous artwork and a clear, cheeky story makes it a reading pleasure. An exuberant bear causes pandemonium through a department store as she cannot sit still. Young children will see themselves in the playful hero; wonderful illustrations, in a riot of colour, will draw them in. Certain to become a favourite on the bookshelf.

  8. Amy M

    Sweet story about a silly panda. The illustrations are beautiful and fun! My two year old really enjoyed it.

  9. Amanda Huggins

    An utterly charming book with gorgeous illustrations. Pandemonium’s simple message of inclusivity is beautifully conveyed and is certain to make you smile. A children’s book to keep and treasure.

  10. Suzie Good

    Pandemonium is a picture book that will win the hearts of all who read it. Peta is a cheeky and mischievous panda bear who likes to play in the department store where she lives – causing, yes you guessed it, pandemonium! You can’t help but fall in love with the smiley and acrobatic Peta who just wants to be herself and have fun.

    Gail Aldwin’s use of repetition to retell the outcome of Peta’s adventures, will no doubt help the young children to remember and recount the story. As for the illustrations – they are beautifully rich and vivid and certainly keep the reader’s interest.

    A charming and playful read that celebrates inclusivity and the importance of being yourself. Highly recommended!

  11. Sarah Tinsley

    What a wonderful book! My daughter (3) kept asking to read it over and over again. Beautifully illustrated with a powerful message, this is a captivating read for young children.

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