The Secret Letters From X to A by Nasrin Parvaz

  • The Secret Letters from X to A


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When Faraz, a young teacher, accepts his uncle’s offer of a summer job, he had no idea the position he was about to find himself in. Discovering the secret letters hidden in the walls of an Islamic prison from Xavar to her husband, Faraz must decide what is more important:  Xavar’s tragic story inside the prison or the personal danger he may face for revealing it.

The Secret Letters from X to A is a compelling historical novel. As any novel of this category many of the events are based on true facts. Nasrin Parvaz is an Iranian refugee activist living in London, UK. She spent 8 years in different prisons in Iran. One of those was located in what used to be the Joint Committee Interrogation Centre and which  is now know as the Ebrat Museum in Teheran where the main facts take place. The novel defies the Islamic Regime by introducing women who resist the brutal violation of their Human Rights. They could be tortured, raped and executed, yet their power and strength is present throughout the book.

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  • Rhiannon Lewis -

    A deeply affecting work. Nasrin Parvaz succeeds in conveying the intense fear and claustrophobia of what it must be like to live under any intolerant, fundamentalist regime. Even reading the story felt like a subversive act in itself.
    It’s a really striking book and I learned a great deal from reading it.

    Rhiannon Lewis, author of My Beautiful Imperial

  • Nina -

    This is a stunning work in which Nasrin Parvaz sets out the horrors of a regime in a way that the reader can fully realise the psychological complexity of imprisonment, oppression and political subversion within a real story of tragic love.

    This is a truly affecting story laced with beauty and sadness that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

    Everyone with an interest in truth and human rights should read this book.

  • Kate Adams -

    A brilliant read. I consumed this novel in 3 days. It combines a poetic sensibility with an acute analysis of the political situation in Iran and the story of the human struggle to keep love and hope alive in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. A beautiful book, striking in its optimism and integrity which transcend the tragic aspects of the story.

    • Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes -

      Many thanks for your review Kate. I am sure Nasrin will be happy with this. Consuelo

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