Violeta Walks on Foreign Lands ~ Violeta anda en tierras extrañas



A bilingual anthology to celebrate a 100 years of Chilean folk singer song-writer Violeta Parra’s life and work. With short stories from various Hispano-American writers. In 2017 the centenary of this extraordinary “historical woman” was celebrated in Latin America and Victorina Press joined these festivities by organising a short-story competition in which the stories had to make some direct or indirect reference to Violeta Parra, her life and work.


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  • Sylvie Roberts -

    I’d like to order the book

    • Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes -

      Dear Siylvie Roberts,
      Thanks for writing. We have made a note of your address and payment. As soon as the books are printed we will dispatch it to the address provided

      Many thanks for shopping with us

  • Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes -

    Dear Silvie Roberts,
    we dispatched the book on 31st of May. We are wondering whether you have received it

    Many thanks

  • Ana Varas -

    Hi I would like to buy the book. of Violeta Parra,how can I get it? Thank you
    Ana x

    • Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes -

      Hello Ana,
      you can order the book here in our shop or in Do you live in the UK?
      Thanks for your interest
      Victorina Press

  • Daniela Jorquera -

    Hello!! I’d like to order one book

  • Ros -

    Hello I live in Melbourne Australia and I would like to order the book please can you let me know how I can get this done is the most inexpensive way is the best way for me regards Ros Hallyburton

    • Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes -

      Dear Ros,
      Thanks for your interest in our books. The best way is to buy the book directly with us in this website (shop) and pay via Paypal. Once this is paid, we send the book(s) to Australia and they might take about two weeks to get to you.
      Thank you once again

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