Meet Songo. Songo loves to sing and dance and is here to share words and music with you. Twenty wonderful songs in this beautifully designed book and CD taking your child on a magical journey to discover their voice and the power of words and communication through music.

‘These songs are so amazingly catchy and enjoyable to sing at home, we love Songo’ – Hollie, Parent.

‘Fun and really creative, and very effective in developing early speech and language skills.’ – Helen Ayres, Speech and Language Specialist.

Songo Songo

'I'm going to...' - page from 'Songo'

Songo for Children, Early years and Practitioners

This book and CD is a unique resource for early years settings, practitioners and musicians specialising in early years to support the development of children’s speech and language skills through music. With 20 original songs, all highly accessible and engaging for children and adults alike, the book has clearly structured guidance on activities to develop communication and language, musical skills and other key learning areas. It links with the National Curriculum’s Early Learning Goals and other internationally recognised early years approaches and can be integrated easily into daily routines of your setting or nursery.