Upcoming Events

The Marsh People
M. Valentine Williams

The Marsh People will be coming to Blackburn Library on the 23rd of October 2018. Why not go and visit M. at the library and ask all the burning questions about this unique novel.
£2 admission. Book available on sale. 

Chilean & Latin American Voices in Great Britain Festival

Poetry Award Ceremony 2018


In November the Chilean & Latin American Voices in Great Britain festival will take place.

During this there will be plenty of activities, events, poetry readings, film screenings, concerts and the award ceremony for the Victorina Press 2018 ‘Voces’ (Voices) Poetry competition, taking place on the 10th. And the first official book launch of Songo.

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Crime Fest 2019

Vicki Goldie will be attending next years CrimeFest 2019 as a delegate. She is also on the waiting list to be a panellist.

CrimeFest is one of the biggest crime writing festivals of the year, Vicki will be attending giving you an opportunity to talk to her about Blind Witness or any of the other upcoming publications in The Charters’ Mysteries, why not buy yourself a ticket for Crimfest and see if you can’t find her?