Vicki Goldie

Vicki worked as a Chartered Librarian for the Royal National Institute of Blind People and then for the past 19 years in public libraries in Bournemouth and Poole. There she enjoyed arranging and attending writing courses and author events, including such luminaries as Fay Weldon and Peter James.

All the while she was writing away in her spare time. She is intensely grateful to Village Writers based in the New Forest who let her join them four years ago and have nurtured and critiqued her debut novel Blind Witness on its way to publication.

Born in California but brought up in England she was introduced to the Golden Age of crime authors at an early age by her mother. She is married to a blind physiotherapist, and it is from his mother, born in a large country house in Devon (now a hotel), educated by a governess and with a cut glass voice like the Queen, that she absorbed real-life stories about the twenties and thirties.

She has always had a fascination with the Art Deco period and the Golden Age of crime writing. She has been filling her house with Art Deco-inspired artefacts and clothing for 40 years.

Blind Witness is her debut novel and is the beginning of a series featuring Alasdair and Melissa Charters


In 1922 a blind WWI veteran and former intelligence officer attends a weekend with his aristocratic wife and her family at a country house in the New Forest, Hampshire. Fourteen people sit down to dinner on the Friday night; by the end of the weekend, there are two murders, attempted murder and a suicide.

This is book one in a series of humorous murder mysteries and introduces young sleuths The Hon Melissa Charters and her war veteran husband Major Alisdair Charters. The pair collaborate using Melissa’s powers of observation and Alisdair’s old skills gained in the Secret Intelligence Service to investigate the events unfolding over the weekend.

A murder mystery, with a spy plot, told from many different points of view in the tradition of Simon Brett, Kerry Greenwood and M C Beaton. Will our investigators discover who is behind the murders?

A ‘spiffingly’ good murder mystery story set in the 1920s with a cast of diverse characters, thrown together within the traditional weekend house party setting. The narrative plunges onward keeping the reader guessing as to who is the murderer. The book is both gripping and entertaining, with an unusual husband and wife team of sleuths, and the author has sensitive insights on the emotional pain of losing one’s sight and the physical dilemmas and challenges of being blind.

Amazon 5* Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, well written and very much in the Agatha Christie model, with a light humorous touch, and an interesting insight into life for those who have gone blind. The one thing that I would have found helpful, would be a page with a list of the characters: a ‘Who’s Who’ at the start. I look forward to reading Vicki Goldie’s next book, I think she will become a popular author.

Amazon 5* Review

For anyone who enjoys a rollicking good murder mystery, this is a great read! Ms Goldie’s personal experience of being married to a blind man added extra insight and sensitivity to the character of Alisdair. Looking forward to the next Charters’ adventure!

Amazon 5* Review