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Book of the Month

In the battle between the authoritarian, all powerful State and its imprisoned slaves, whose lives are controlled by The Masters, there are a few winners. Forced to live and work in decaying, inhumane cities, Provided with basic food and shelter, they have little else, but like automatons, rarely do they rebel.

Scummo meets Kelpin. Her mother is dead. The pair support one another as they travel through the marshy, giant eel-infested lands around the estuary, eventually meeting others who are living as outsiders.

Life is uncomfortable and unpredictable, but realising how precious freedom is, they learn about co-operation and compassion, and must sometimes fight for their survival.

All the while The Masters watch.

A dystopian novel pitting outsiders again inhuman tyrants and their servants. Who will win?


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Check out the photos from our recent book launches in Wales at Cardigan Castle or the Abergavenny Chapel.
Or how about somewhere completely different like The Embassy of Chile?

The deadline for entries to the Victorina Press ‘Voces’ (Voices) award 2018 is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. Your poems will be sent to the judges for review with the winner announced at the award ceremony on the 10th of November 2018. The ceremony will take place at the Lyric Cinema during the Chilean & Latin American Voices in Great Britain Festival 2018. After the film screening of The Pearl Button. 

To find out more about ticket prices, address and more, visit our events page or click the link below.

Forthcoming titles

Autumn and winter releases 2018.

See some of our upcoming publications to finish off the year: a lovely children’s book I am Adila from Gaza; Songo – our language and music learning title for early years – or One Woman’s Struggle in Iran. A Prison Memoir.  Click here to find out more


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