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<style=”color: large;”=”” arial;=”” black;=””>Hello! I am Adila and I live in Gaza. Where do you live?

Inscribed within what is known as ‘awareness’ and BME books for children, this book helps to enhance social and emotional learning skills from an early age. Nicely illustrated, the book carries a powerful message about the everyday life of an ordinary girl living in a war conflict zone. Because the words and illustrations are not scary or judgemental, the book can be read as a bedtime story where young children can identify with Adila’s everyday activities and ask questions. Older children can read the book on their own and talk about their feelings and opinions with peers, educators and parents.

Adila’s innocence and hope in a better world where children can be children is wonderfully refreshing.

Who are you and where are you from? Join in with Adila and tell us about yourself. Draw some pictures of things like your family, favourite food and your wish. Click the link below to find a template for your drawings. And Share them online at #VictorinaPress, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 


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Early learning language skills, books for children, parents and practitioners.
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New Year 2019

This year is set to be filled with lots of brilliant publications.
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From current authors and new, with 11 new publications to be released.

2019 will be a very bibliodiverse year. 


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